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Message from the Chief Representative
Dr. Anjum Noor Din, DHMS, RHMP
Compiled By: 
Dr. Razzaq Ahmed Ghaffari, DHMS, RHMP
Dr. Anjum Noor Din, DHMS
Chief Representative PHDC

Pakistan Homeopathic Doctors Community (PHDC) is not an association or organization or Society. It is bouquet of different Homeopathic Associations, Group of Colleges Teachers, Pharmacies Staff, Members of Societies and common Homeopathic Doctors who has no affiliation with any organization. 

Anybody who is registered with National For Homeopathy is the member of Pakistan Homeopathic Doctors Community. In this community, there is no President, General Secretary or any other appointment holders. All Homeopathic Doctors have equal rights and all are common members. These members belong to different Homeopathic Associations and Groups. 

I am also a common member and I have no extra privilege. For filling an application at any office, you need a person who should sign on the application because 10 numbers of members are not required to sign application. This can be performed by anyone but me is called a Chief Representative to endorse signature on file or any application and to maintain all the record of the Homeopathic Community of Pakistan. Otherwise, I have no extra rights. If you can maintain this, you can also be appointed a chief representative in your city. But City Representatives or Chief should not hold any designation of any other homeopathic associations. No body will use Pakistan Homeopathic Doctors Community name while participating in NCH Homeopathic Election. As community members are also the members of other homeopathic associations, therefore, they are free to participate at their own platform but Pakistan Homeopathic Doctors Community as a name will not participate in the election.

The community members are free to get membership of any homeopathic association and organization but main representative should not take any other appointment or designation in other societies or organization so that when they take decision on the behalf of community, they should be free from their respective organization or they may not be biased while taking the decision, otherwise there is no restriction to become appointment holder of any other organization. 

PHDC is the name of proud for homeopathic community and lovers. Due to the dynamic and multi- dimensional qualities of its members, homeopathy has started attaining first-rate status in Pakistan. PHDC has issued its own 30 points National Homeopathic Agenda. We consider it that this is the only solution of problems faced by Homeopathic Doctors Community. We have given strong emphasis on 6 most important points of this agenda. These are:-

6 Points National Agenda.

1. Get DHMS Equivalency from IBCC and HEC.
2. Raise the basic qualification as F.Sc for DHMS admission & transfer the Exam System to Homeo / Inter Board Or University.
3. Start BHMS Classes in all Universities as per HEC approved Syllabus.
4. Approve the Homeo Drug Act.
5. Establish Govt Homeo Research & Teaching Hospital.
6. Approve Govt Employees Homeo Service Structure in Grade 17.

Details: ->
National Agenda of Homeopathy:
Work for DHMS Equivalency and get equated the Diploma upto B.Sc from IBCC and HEC
Transfer DHMS Exam System to Board or University
The basic education for DHMS admission should be F.Sc
Start F.Sc (Homeo) on Matric Base to protect the rights of Homeo Colleges.
F.Sc (Homeo) should be allowed to get admission
in MBBS colleges or Homeo Degree Course
DHMS should be allowed for two years BHMS Graded Course
with equivalency upto M.Sc
Start BHMS five years degree progam in each university
on F.Sc (Homeo) or F.Sc (Pre Medical) base
DHMS simple should be given Grade 16
DHMs with B.Sc equivalency should be appointed in Grade 17
BHMS should be inducted in grade 17 directly
Service Structure should be approved
Homeopathic Drug Act should immediately be approved
Start Homeopathic Research Hospital at Govt Level
We have already work on it about 70% on each point
The equivalency is just near to complete.
We have met with Dr. Kambo on friday, the principal
of Nawaz Sharif medical college (university of Gujrat)
to sart BHMS classes. he said letter is written to
Punjab Govt for releasing the fund. it is almost approved
We have met with Dr. Nadeem Ehsan, the MNA and chairman
standing committee of health. He said, we have approved
the homeopathic drug act but now its provincial matter
We have met him two times in his office in the prescence of NCH President
and vice president.
on each point we are struggling hard. Election is not
our motto. But we do need your support to create awareness among
the general public about homeopathic education.

We should emphasis on preparing that lot, which is the need of Pakistan Health Sector. Our 50% population is living below poverty level, if we will send good and trained homeopath then they can play their better rule in healing the poor ailing humanity. This system is very effective and without major side affects then why not to utilize this system for treating the sick by obtaining real time training in homeopathic institutions. In this way, we can help Pakistan in eliminating unemployment as well. 

This digital web site provides maximum info to students who are interested in getting admission in homeopathic medical colleges and also to common people who want to know about homeopathy and its status in Pakistan. Homoeopaths are requested to send their medical activities to us so that we could reflect them at this web site. This is your own site and you are the operator. Now it is upto you how do run the site? Get more and more registration at this site and also participate in discussion board, mailing lists and chat room.

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