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Dr. Anjum Noor Din, DHMS, RHMP


NCH became responsible for education, registration, research and affiliation of colleges. It is comprises of an autonomous body under the control of the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan. The NCH has a total of 21 members of which 1 is a government employee and 7 are nominated by the provincial and federal governments. Only 13 are elected from the whole country, which is divided over 4 provinces. It consists of elected as well as nominated members. Elections are held every five years. It has a President and a full-time Secretary-cum-Registrar. The permanent office is situated at F-8. Pacific Plaza, Islamabad, Pakistan. The present President is Dr. Nasir Ahmed Choudhry is master degree holder from Punjab University and also done DHMS. He took charge in 2003.

Working of NCH

Recently Federal Government called a meeting, of the prominent Homoeopaths of the country, for the finalization of the amendments to the said Act. The president of Pakistan Gen Pervaiz Mushraf has approved the newly amended act. Now onward the admissions will only be open to science students. There are two types of courses which are running in Pakistan. There are approx 110 recognized homeopathic colleges in Pakistan those are conducting DHMS (4 year course). After the completion of DHMS from any recognized college, the NCS (National Council for Homeopathy registered the name of doctor and allow the doctor to start homeopathic practice. The BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science) will be conducted under UGS (University Grant Commission) supervision. Three universities in Pakistan are conducting BHMS course. These includes Islamia University Bahwalpur, Peshawar University, NWFP and Hyderabad University Sindh. The Federal Government has approved the scheme for the establishment of a Homoeopathic Research Center at Karachi for which Dr. Inam Ullah Mirza has been appointed at chairman research committee. The committee will be comprises of 15 (Fifteen) active members representing different cities of Pakistan including Chairman which will be the representation from NCH. A Coordinator will keep record of committee meetings and proceedings.

The main aim of establishing Homoeopathic Research Committee (HRC) is to provide assistance and guidance to National Council for Homeopathy for improving the standard of Homoeopathic system of Pakistan. The committee will suggest and recommend ways and means for final approval by the National Council for Homoeopathy for onward submission to Ministry of Health for implementation. The committee has the following task a head

1. The Homoeopathic Research Committee (HRC) will suggest amendment in Drug Act and procedure of its implementation in the country.

2. The HRC will review the present pharmacopoeia and will point out mistakes and technical errors in the existing pharmacopoeia. The committee will recommend and suggest name of medicines to be included in the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of Pakistan. The committee will also give recommendation to improve the standard of pharmacopoeia.

3. The HRC will review the syllabus and standard of DHMS (four year) course. The committee will provide assistance in improving the standard of DHMS curriculum currently running in homoeopathic medical colleges of Pakistan. (See the pictorial view of the inspection of this committee in homeopathic colleges)

4. The committee will provide help to doctors, homoeopathic colleges and pharmacies etc in doing research work on homoeopathic system of medicine.

5. The committee will provide assistance and help in organizing homeopathic seminars, symposiums and workshops in different cities of Pakistan. 

6. The committee will establish homoeopathic medical camps in different cities of Pakistan with the collaboration of various local or national homoeopathic associations, societies and organizations running in Pakistan. The committee members has already established many free medical camps. (Ref. See pictorial reviews of these free medical camps)

7. The committee will recommend to National Council for providing all kind of facilities in prosecution and assistance in homoeopathic research, propagation of homoeopathic knowledge and suggest measure in preventing and treating diseases.

8. The committee will coordinate with various homoeopathic institutions and colleges for exchange of information.

9. The committee will recommend the procedure to adopt in all homoeopathic medical colleges for organizing monthly lecture programme. (Ref. See the pictorial reviews of this activity)

10. The committee will recommend and propose plan to improve the system of homoeopathic print media. It will write and design pamphlets, posters, periodicals and books for enhancement of homeopathic system in Pakistan.

11. It will cooperate in organizing and establishing homoeopathic exhibitions.

12. To suggest ways and means to National Council for establishing Research Center in Karachi in National Council old Building

13. It will recommend scholarships for needy people.

For all kind of correspondence with National Council for Homeopathy,
Please contact NCH directly and not with us.


Fazal Town, Airport Link Road, Rawalpindi
Registrar Ph: 051-9243605
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